Training is not necessary.  Watch our videos on this site and you will become a super performer almost instantly.

Dimensions-Silver & Dimensions-Gold Free

Those are two full versions offered to you for a free 15 days delay.  You will experiment the advantages of this tools and juge by yourself.

Additionnal delay

After the 15 days free trial period you can purchase additional delay packs of 30 or 180 days if needed.  The procedure is a) download and install the FREE version, use it for 14 or 15 days and b) buy additional delay packs on this site.


User friendly

Start, calibrate and that is it.  You can get all the dimensions you wish.  And the results are entered on an EXCEL sheet automaticaly. 

Here is a preview.



Thousands of colors available to apply on your drawings and match your standards.  Custom annotations and comments on your drawings, in Excel and in the Dimensions' editor.  All you need to get fast results.


Dimensions-Gold comes with all the tools included in Dimensions-Silver PLUS a pre-organized EXCEL takeoff sheet automatically filled while you are taking dimensions on your drawings.  And you also have the free 15 days trial period with delay packs.

This pre-organized Excel sheet is aranged so that you can enter the building material and quantities required for a project.  This sheet is a time and money saver for you.


Takeoff on drawing    



 All dimensions in EXCEL



All the results on the takeoff sheet



Results and Pricing